Serving the community of Catalina, Arizona

What I Love About Catalina

These are some things that I love about Catalina. What do you love about Catalina? Write to us at and we'll add your ideas to our list!

1. The beautiful Santa Catalina Mountains, always changing color and mood, majestic, rugged, and constant
2. The sky at night, full of stars, planets, and dramatic moon phases
3. The sky at sunrise, with wispy clouds of pink and orange
4. The sky at sunset, first turning everything golden, and then ever-changing patterns of turquoise, red, and orange
5. The sky at just about any time of day, really. The clouds are always dramatic, the blue sky refreshing, and the rainbows amazing!
6. The row of flags displayed on patriotic holidays
7. The small-town feel, when you share a meal in a local cafe, or stop to find a book at the library
8. The art tours that take you to places that you didn't realize existed in Catalina, and help you meet some amazingly creative people
9. The creative, tireless people who work at IMPACT and SaddleBrooke Outreach and the Golden Goose
10. All of our churches, with gifted, amazing pastors, staff, and congregations in each one
11. Our very own grocery store, at last!